7 Reasons to see Eddie the Eagle

From a young age, Michael ‘Eddie’ Edwards (Taron Egerton) dreamt of Olympic glory. Against his fathers constant disapproval and discouragement, amongst many hurdles and steep sloops,  he fights toward his “moment” he has dreamed about and finds a sport that may just give him this; Ski Jumping. With a relentless will and an adverse coach (Hugh Jackman), Eddie goes for glory.

Here are seven reasons you should go and see Eddie the Eagle:

  1. Hugh Jackman, Hugh jackman, Hugh jackman – SUCH A BABE
  2. 80’s nostalgic – Okay I am a bit young to be remembering the 80’s in fact I wasn’t even born yet when this movie took place but the music, the look, the feel, everything took be back in time and I loved it.
  3. It is based on a true story – So many feel good, positive stories are based on someone’s idea, a story. Well for Eddie Edwards this was reality. This is his story.
  4. The new hero – There is something heroic about Edwards in Eddie the Eagle something a little more ‘real’ than what Superman or Batman can give us.

  5. You will leave feeling empowered – Eddie the Eagle gave me so many good vibes, such a heartwarming story I even had tears. I left uplifted, happy, and ready to take on the week.
  6. Mr Hugh Jackman’s “O Face” – You will have to watch the film to find out what I am talking about here
  7. The message of the film. It is so simple yet so powerful at the same time: Never give up on your dreams – the heart and soul you put into something can be just as important as any skill set.

Eddie the Eagle is in cinemas April the 29th. 



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