ASB Auckland Marathon – My Next Challenge?

The ASB Auckland Marathon is coming up, in fact, it’s at the end of the month. It isn’t too late to get involved, and recently I have popped my hand up and said I’ll do it! With Summer coming, any excuse to get out there and mix up my goals right?!

Here’s a little blog about what I am training for at the ASB Auckland Marathon (maybe the half, perhaps the 12km) but whatever distance you choose maybe this might get you involved!

  1. It’s for Charity and a chance to give back for a good cause.
    I love the idea of giving back and this year I’ve found a few ways to have fun while raising funds for a good cause and this is the ultimate. Last year over $1 million was raised, and this wouldn’t have happened without budding runners and walkers and their supporters. I’m not sure if you noticed this article a while back, but just 10% of runners ran for charity at the ASB Auckland Marathon last year versus 80% of runners in the London Marathon…so, NZ could be doing a lot better when it comes to raising money for charity through Kiwi events such as these. Not only will you be helping improve your personal fitness you can be running for a good cause, in my case Starship. Starship, ASB’s marathon charity partner for 2016, plans to use all money raised to fund its squad of Clown Doctors. Much like Patch Adams, the doctor depicted by actor Robin Williams in a film of the same name, the group of clowns helps bring humour into hospital wards.
  2. From 5k to the full marathon, at the ASB Auckland Marathon, there’s a distance for every runner from slow to pro.
    No matter what your fitness level there are plenty of options to pick from, no excuses!
  3. Time to mix up my training routine.
    My current training routine is weights, weights, and more weights, with about an hour of cardio a week. Don’t get me wrong I love it, and it’s for my ultimate bikini girl goal, but right now I also need a boost. I need to mix it up.
  4. It’s A good chance to create a goal and not just ONE Goal. 
    My goal – to train and beat my personal best. My second goal? Raise money for Charity! I would love to be able to raise funds for Starship, so I have a little fundraising goal to work towards. It’s small, but it all helps, right?! Keep an eye out for the link; I’ll share it soon!
  5. Carb Loading.
    A cheeky one but boy oh boy am I looking for an excuse to have some good complex carbs and fruits – running on the regular means I can loosen the diet to fuel my body better for constant movement.

It’s not too late to enter the ASB Auckland Marathon, and it’s not too late to support those running it either. Stay tuned because I am planning plenty of content around the ASB Auckland Marathon, so if you have any questions, please let me know.



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