Berlei and Serena – The Perfect Match

Berlei and Serena – The Perfect Match and the latest in sports bra technology ideal for my two favourite assets.

With the recent Olympic games taking place, the Mr. Olympia (A body building comp) and the Auckland Marathon coming up I have been more motivated than ever to smash those goals at the gym and on the track, sometimes training morning and night. I have been taking inspiration from some of our #bosswomen in sport.

Serena Williams, one of the world’s best tennis players ONLY wears Berlei sports bras. As the brand ambassador for Berlei Sport, she wears Berlei for every training session and match, including those winning ones and according to Serena,  has done so for the past ten years since her mother discovered Berlei bras on a shopping trip in Melbourne. Serena works with Berlei to custom design her bras in coordinated colours ahead of every major game.

“As a female athlete, I know how important a good bra is,” Williams said in a statement. ”As my tennis regime includes tons of high-performance exercises, I’m always running, bouncing, and jumping, and I need to be confident there is both comfort and support—especially on the court. I am excited to help introduce these bras globally; I haven’t looked back since my mom introduced me to Berlei.”


Why Berlei?
Serena Williams only trusts Berlei to protect her breasts and here are some reasons why:

  • ONLY Berlei sports bras are proven to reduce breast bounce by up to 60%
  • ONLY Berlei sports bras are tested, used and approved by the AIS
  • Berlei is the #1 sports bra brand in New Zealand

If it’s good enough for Serena it’s good enough for me right? and for the first time I tried out Berlei sports bras.  My 10E fit was perfect. Just like a normal bra. It was easy to pop on and it looked great. Blue or my blue set, and pink for my berry set.



I was pleasantly surprised. They were a beautiful finish, a great price point and they washed really well. I’m currently playing with my pink one as I write this and asking “have I even washed this?” – I hope so because I’ve worn it at least three times already!

The other thing I loved? – My boobs still looked good while working out. I still had shape. I felt good, and everyone knows if you look good, you feel good, you lift good.

Thanks Serena for the hot tip on the sports bras! Keen to try? Head into Farmers or online here and check these babies out!

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl





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