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It’s five weeks now till Spring which means Bikini Season is well on its way. Last night I attended a Carena West Spring Summer 2014/2015 showing of ‘The Trip’ with the talented photographer Haley Guildford and I am in love.

The range was presented at MBFWA earlier in the year and was received well against a tough Australian market.  It is pretty, very pretty but it also has an edge, the cheeky cut bottoms and the PVC fabrics used take it to the next level.

I loved the all the finer details; the knotted closures, the fabrics, and cut’s and the fits. Credit to Carena also as being able to interact with the models highlighted these details as opposed to a fashion show.

I also loved the styling, socks and jelly sandals added to the playfulness of the pieces. The range is also versatile. I have managed to narrow it down, picking out a few items I love and would wear myself. Tops and bottoms can intermingle and accessories can be easily added.

Carena West with the Models

A massive thank you Haley Guildford for these amazing photos – you’re a gem. It was such a beautiful showcase, I am in love.




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