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There’s nothing quite like being able to make an old outfit new again with the simple addition of one transformative piece. In some instances, a hat can do it; in others, all you need is a cool cuff. No matter how you do it, though, updating an ensemble with just one game-changing accessory is possibly the most chic and savvy way to show of your style skills. Instead of heading out to the store to purchase a new dress or top, you can buy a statement accessory that will provide endless outfit opportunities rather than just one.

What kinds of statement accessories are best to pair with favourite, existing ensembles? For starters, you can check out a fashion site’s purse picks, take a look at a shop with all kinds of ideas, or keep an eye out while strolling the sidewalk to gain inspiration from fellow fashion enthusiasts. But if you still need a jumpstart to give you some ideas, below are some great statement accessories, from shades to breastplates, that will do the trick.

Senso Clutch

Senso Clutch

Leopard-Print Anything
Whether it is a bag, a belt, or your shoes, leopard anything is a classy and sassy “neutral” that magnifies the style factor of any outfit. Try to incorporate this pop of feline fashion when your plain black dress just isn’t cutting it. Your basic look will become immediately more polished and ultra chic in daring way.

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Shapely Shades
Are you imagining another look for your current ensemble? Try an unexpected accent, like a pair of lip- or heart-shaped sunnies. Almost cartoonish, these fun frames are a great way to add flair and playfulness to a daytime outfit. Bold sunglasses are the non-committal solution to a look lacking personality.

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Platform Sandals
Style setters know by now that almost every aspect of the market has gotten a ’70s makeover this season. Well, the same goes for shoes. Adding height to any look, chunky yet quirky platform sandals are summer’s silhouette-changing shoes that will bring life to a so-so skirt. Strap on a brightly coloured pair for ultimate wow-factor!


Dramatic Chest Piece
A bold upgrade to the statement necklaces that surfaced a few seasons ago, breastplates are the new way to seriously change the look of any top. Large and ornate, these chest pieces take control of any outfit and add a whole other dimension. Slip on a stunning breastplate to amp up your look in seconds.

Wrap Watch
A beautiful wrap watch takes care of bracelet stacking without you having to purchase a ton of bracelets. Taking up enough space on your wrist to draw attention, yet also serving a function besides being fashionable, a wrap watch is the ideal statement piece for those who are minimalistic with their style.

Sometimes all an outfit needs to become new again is the refreshing addition of a bold accessory, like a leopard-print shoe or a fun pair of sunglasses. It’s all about embellishing the great pieces you already own and transforming into whole new items. When done right, the fashion police won’t even notice that you wore an outfit more than once, and isn’t that really the biggest accomplishment of all? Happy accessorising!

Layla Lowe is a fashion writer based in Toronto, Canada. Along with New York pizza and her cat, Lenny, she also loves exploring new cultures and meeting new people. She hopes to meet Madonna one day.



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