#CurrentlyObsessedWith: ilabb

At the moment (or actually for the last wee while) I have been and am obsessed with ilabb.

My relationship with ilabb began late last year when I was gifted, by a friend, an ilabb Capsize Tank. I didn’t think much of it at the time – I am not the world’s biggest tank wearer, but slowly it made into my ‘gym rotation’ and I sorta fell in love. Not only did it look great but it also wore and washed so well. That’s what sold me – the quality was on point.

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From there my collection grew.  Right now I am wearing the capsize Jean and the Variable tee, I also have this rad as Glance dress and let’s not get me started on my forever expanding tank and gym collection.



I am waiting till payday to add a few more items to my collection, but I have my eye on a few more dresses and some shorts for when I hit up Coachella in April.

Stay tuned for more blogs on ilabb because…like I said…I am obsessed.

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl

Thanks to Haley Guildford for the photography. 



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