Five Food Tips for Healthy Hair

Having nice long healthy hair is pretty important to me. This is often reflected in my writing and recently over on nzgirl I have been showing some love to TRESemme and the #SleepStyling TRESemme 356 Project.

Anna-Lise Sharma (you may know her as the brand manager for Ruby) has been set the challenge to change up her hairstyles in 2014 with the help of TRESemme and stylist Luke Bettesworth. Her entire journey is being documented on Instagram with daily pictures and videos.

It’s called the TRESemme 365 Project and it’s designed to help us combat ‘Sleep Styling’ to inspire you to do something new with your hair everyday. Sleep Styling is something I am guilty of daily and I am sure you are too. We roll out of bed, put on a cute outfit, change up our makeup and then forget about our hair simply opting for one or two go-to looks. #whocanrelate


You can check out all my articles on nzgirl, however my favourite to date is Five Food Tips for Healthy Hair. It’s basic stuff but the healthier you are and the better you eat and drink, will make a difference not only to your hair but also to your skin and nails and general wellbeing so it is a win win all round.

Here are my five favourite food tips for healthy hair:
1. Omega – Omega-3 fatty acids are important fats our body cannot make itself and so they must be obtained through our diet. Salmon for example can be an excellent source of essential fatty acids.

2. Protein 
– As hair is made of protein, making sure you have enough protein in your diet is essential for keeping your luscious locks strong and healthy. Chicken, turkey, white fish and dairy products like eggs are a great way to keep your hair strong.

3. Vitamin C – Collagen surrounds the hair strands but as we age that collagen starts to breakdown, this causes that hair to be more vulnerable to breaking.  One of the best way’s to boost collagen is by getting more vitamin C. My favourite foods rich in vitamin C include citrus fruits and strawberries.

4. Vitamin A – Vitamin A is needed by the body to make sebum that oily substance created by our hairs sebaceous glands that provides a natural conditioner to keep our scalp healthy. Without sebum the result is an itchy scalp and dry hair so ensure you have plenty of  orange and yellow coloured vegetables and fruits such as carrots, pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

5. Iron – Iron Deficiency is a cause of hair loss so to maintain healthy hair eat your spinach and up your iron intake.  Other awesome iron rich foods include egg yolks, whole grains and dried fruits.  Kale of course is king when it comes to Iron.

Make sure you follow Anna’s journey on Instagram and follow all the articles over on nzgirl. 

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