Go-To Skin Care by Zoe Foster Blake – A Beauty Review

Go-To skin care is the cruelty-free natural skincare product range by beauty editor Zoe Foster Blake.

Its packaging is crisp, clean and what is not to love. Not to mention pure ingredients, free of nasty chemicals, and safe for acne-prone and sensitive skin.  Founded by former beauty editor Zoe Foster-Blake, you won’t find chemicals like palm oil, petrochemicals, PEGs, mineral oils, parabens, sulphates, silicones, GMOs, synthetic colours or fragrance in their products, and they’re committed to being cruelty-free – absolutely no testing on animals.

Sign me up! I have reviewed three products to give you, and I an overview of what is the brand Go-To Skin.

Go-To Properly Clean 

Go-To Properly Clean, cleans. Properly. It has some awesome ingredients, but it is low levels of non-irritating Willow Bark Extract (an extremely gentle version of salicylic acid) that ensures your skin is thoroughly clean but never dry or unbalanced, while the all-natural silky soft mousse leaves your complexion smooth, hydrated and happy. 

I found that not only was it effective but it was non-drying. It looked great in my shower, and they sold a men’s version too. 

Go-To Face Hero

This product is the hero of the range. Go-To Face Hero is a lightweight face oil that deeply hydrates, soothes, revitalizes and completely protects the face against toxins. Featuring ten potent, purposefully selected plant and nut oils, Face Hero boasts a bucket load of essential fatty acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory properties and write-home-about-it nourishment. It leaves zero residues and penetrates deeply and quickly to hydrate, revive, brighten and ensure your face against fine lines, dark spots, dryness and ageing inflammation.

This product reminded me of other oils on the market such as Rosehip oil but what stood out for me is the fact it worked fast and didn’t disrupt my makeup routine or leave me shiny. 

Go-To Pinky Nudey Lips

Go-To Pinky Nudey Lips is two products in one. The nourishing, restorative lip balm for hydration, AND a pinky-nudey lip gloss for shine and sass. HOW GOOD IS THAT! 
I am obsessed with this product; it has a hint of colour, a hint of gloss and a whole lot of hydration. OBSESSED! Oh, did I mention it also has SPF 15 in it? So good. 

Okay, so overall, I am in love with this brand.  In love. Go-To Pinky Nudey Lips is a standout for me. This brand is rad AF and switched on. It has lots of smart things like the idea that you can buy in bundles and save, and they have uber fast shipping. No waiting around. 

I like this brand as it is no fuss and true to its world. I will be buying again for sure. 

Have you tried it? 

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