My Goals Post USA – Life and Body

Okay, so I just got back from an epic time in the United States. AMAZING TIME and since I’ve been back everyone has noticed a difference in me. What is it? Well, my hustle is through the roof!

Here are my goals for the next six months; Just putting it out there.

Body and Health Goals 

This year I’ve been working really hard on being fit and healthy. I really wanted to feel fit and healthy on my trip especially with pool parties and hikes and I feel like I brought it. In fact, someone commented on my Instagram that I had achieved a previously set goal to wear crop top at Coachella. Pretty cool to be reminded of that

So what’s happening now? Well, I am taking this one up a level! I will be training out of Les Mills and The YMCA at least 5 times a week. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I will be training at 5:30am with Sheena Jayne, she is a top Bikini Pro competitor and well my goal is to compete!

Blog Goals

I would like to blog more. I really enjoy putting words down, being creative and sharing my goals. I would like to do more lifestyle items around my health and fitness and a dream would be more travel blogging!

Finance Goals 

Okay, so this is a big one. Basically, my new goal is Memories, not things. I want to start spending my money more wisely, being more aware and asking real questions like “Do I need this” This leads me to a bigger overarching goal…

Overarching Goals 

 I want to live in USA. Okay, so it’s a hard goal! Really hard – I have been trying to get a Greencard now for the last four years but next year in March I really want to make it happen. March 22nd I want to get on a jet plane and hopefully not come back for a long time. Otherwise, at least go on my next adventure. I have 200 plus days to save, sell and plan.

These are my goals! Written and shared…now to make it happen!

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl



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