I Watch Snow White and the Huntsman

The anticipation for Snow White and the Huntsman has been building, with trailers showing at least five months ago. Snow White and the Huntsman is the retelling of the popular fairytale we all know and love Snow White. This story needs no introduction.

Directed by Rupert Sanders, Snow White and the Huntsman stars a strong cast. The evil queen is played by Oscar winner Charlize Theron but fairest of them all is of course Snow White and she is played by Kristen Stewart. Snow White is the only one who can destroy the Queen, but she has a little help along the way from a young huntsman who was dispatched to kill her. This huntsman is played by Chris Hemsworth from Thor.

Charlize Theron fully embraced her character as I would expect from the Oscar winner, she was convincing as queen and her costumes really aided her performance, however I just wasn’t feeling it. Kristen Stewart who we all know from Twilight really stole the show. She was successfully able to pull off both the strength and innocence required for this role.  The more and more I see of her the more I am like her.  Chris Hemsworth complimented Stewart well and I was rooting for him all along. The young prince however played by Sam Clafin was weak and his performance didn’t hold up to that of Hemsworth. 

This film has amazing visuals and was well thought out. The details where exquisite. The film has various wide shots and the landscape was stunning. The visuals in this film reminded me of Lord of the Rings. At times I felt the film was a little drawn out. It moved slowly however I believe this was a deliberate move forcing us to embrace the surrounds.

Overall I enjoyed the film as I waited with bated breath for the happy ending every fairytale is entitled too.

Snow White and the Huntsman opens in cinemas across New Zealand from 21st June and has an Mature rating. The film has a running time of  127 minutes.

I give the film three kisses.



Thanks to my friends at Paramount Pictures New Zealand I have some awesome preview pictures of the film. If these don’t make you want to see Snow White and the Huntsman then I don’t know what will.



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