Ladies Who Lunch…At McDonald’s.

This week I did something just a little bit different. I went to McDonald’s along with two other Fashion Bloggers. Yep you heard me. I went to McDonald’s.

McDonald’s and Fashion, go hand in hand, more than one would think. For example, Moschino’s new creative director, Jeremy Scott, took inspiration from McDonald’s for their Autumn/Winter 2014 collection – In fact I even have the Moschino Fries iPhone case!  This fashion blogger, and many others as it turns out, often will grab a bite from Macca’s at 11pm at night after very long, stressful days blogging during Fashion Week. Trusted convenience is where it’s at.

More recently, I have been devouring a few too many (is there such a thing?) Frozen Cokes from ‘Macca’s’ this summer. Extremely refreshing! So when McDonalds NZ invited me in to try their latest, The Create Your Taste Menu, at the innovation lab at McDonalds Balmoral, I didn’t hesitate. Plus, I was kind of keen to catch up with Leonie and Caitlin, both bloggers that I very much look up to. Leonie, is The Style Insider and Caitlin Taylor, is from Chasing Cait who is a stylist and blogger and knows her stuff. All three of us where excited to catch up and of course get our mitts on this very new ‘macca’s offering, bespoke burgers.


A lot like fashion, the McDonald’s Create Your Taste Burgers are very much about finding and creating the perfect fit so you get exactly what you want. It all starts at a touch screen, where you make your order. You then pay and like magic your order arrives at your table. As for what to choose, well, that parts up to you and there are over 25 million possible combinations.

Personally I choose to take a simpler approach – A classic Angus Hamburger Pattie, with a brioche bun, Parmesan cheese, long pickles, and guacamole, topped with tomatoes. ……And it was divine! Of course, don’t panic, I also ordered a side of fries and a large frozen coke! This burger, served on a wooden board didn’t hang around long at all. I demolished it pretty quickly.


Balmoral is the one and only McDonald’s in New Zealand to offer this Create Your Taste type burger at this stage. But don’t sweat, it’s looking pretty promising that we will be seeing more of these gourmet burgers popping up in McDonald’s restaurants around the country fairly soon. I’m talking the next six to twelve months before your area could be getting in on the action. Whoop Whoop.

But for me, This Aucklander has already thought about my next order (There will be a next time).  I will try a bunnace (Lettuce instead of a bun) and opt for the side salad – The fact that you can create your own means you can customise this guy to suit your diet and needs.

Bring it on.

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl



Hannah Rogers

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  • February 24, 2015

    Caitlin @ Chasing Cait

    mmmmmm it was so yummy! wanna go again? haha!! xx

    • Hannah Rogers
      February 24, 2015

      Hannah Rogers

      Yes please! I’ve actually had Macca’s twice over the weekend! Next meeting? I hear they have free wifi!

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