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I am all about the Kickstarter. Innovative brands are the Jam and I wanted to share with you one I came across recently, Gemio. I first discovered Gemio in my lead into Coachella and have been watching their progress and growth ever since.

What is Gemio? 

Gemio creates beautiful high-tech jewelry for the connected generation. Gemio is a band of light that responds to music and movement and connects with friends. Send light signals and change your designs on the fly. Perfect for the keen concert or festival goger. It has been referred to as wearable Snapchat.

I love this brand because it is creative, it’s testing the boundaries and it’s not afraid to take risks.  I mean the crowdfunding video features Brittany Snow from Pitch Perfect – HOW COOL IS THAT!


I had a chat to the CEO  Michael Bettua – because how cool is it to connect with the man behind the brand and here is what he had to say:

Hannah: What is your inspiration around Gemio?

MB: We saw technology that was isolating people. Too much time staring at phones or connecting virtually. We wanted to bring people together in real life, to celebrate the moments that matter, and to use technology to amplify experiences. The best experiences in life are the ones where we’re in the moment, expressing our true selves and connecting with friends in a real way.

And why Brittany Snow?
MB: We were drawn to her non-profit foundation, Love is Louder, as it supports the idea of connection between people. That’s the core belief behind Gemio. We want to build a stronger networks and communities, where we can support each other.When we launch our Channel feature, Gemio owners can subscribe to a Community like Love is Louder (or their favorite sports team, band, DJ, celebrity etc) and simultaneously get messages in light to remind us of our connection, whether we are at the same music festival or across the globe. Brittany is the inspiration behind Love is Louder and we’re thrilled to partner with her. Plus, she’s a very talented director with deep musical talents. It’s a great partnership.

Hannah: How do you personally plan to use Gemio in your life? What will be or what was your first gig with Gemio?
MB: My first gig with Gemio was at Further Future, a future tech music festival in the desert of Nevada 2 months ago. It’s an event filled with big thinkers and entrepreneurs who have done incredible things in technology. And it’s a place where people feel excited to express themselves and connect with community. The response to Gemio there was fantastic.

I wear my Gemio almost every day. It’s become part of my look and connection to people who are important to me.

I really want to support these guys so head over to their Kickstarter and show them some love.

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl



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