Liquid Foundation and How To Get The Best Out Of It

Having flawless skin is something that girls everywhere aim for, but it’s not the easiest thing to achieve. Recently I renewed my foundation, and in doing so, I thought about how I care for and apply my favorite liquid foundation.  I refreshed myself on my routine. Over the last few years, I have learned a few tricks which are in highlight common sense. However, they are often overlooked and can make a huge difference.

Shake the liquid foundation bottle before use.

Something I never used to do. This helps with any settling of the product it keeps it fresh. Liquid Foundation tends to be water or oil based. These two liquids are known to separate, so a little shake ensures your liquid foundation remains as intended.

I do a shake and roll, shaking the bottle and then rolling it between my hands. This is something you may often see or do with your nail polish. Rolling it between my hands will help warm the product another bonus I will explain further in my next point.

Pump the foundation on to the back of my hand

In winter I take it one step further, I pump the foundation on to the back of my hand, this keeps the foundation warm while I work with the product on my face. I have found that this bit of warmth helps me spread the product and blend. I find that I end up using less of the product which is also a bonus for my budget.

Store your foundation in a dark, cool place.

A bathroom cupboard is fine.I have heard of some people storing their Foundation stocks in the fridge. However, I do not see this necessary. I never stock up on the foundation I always buy fresh in store.

If your product has a screw top lid or a pump always close it over, so it’s as airtight as possible. Just like most products the sun, heat, and air can affect the fluid, you also want to keep away bacteria and germs.

Always buy Fresh and Date your Products

If you have a problem with remembering exactly how old product is, use a thin permanent marker to write the date that you opened it on the bottom of its case for easy reference. This will ensure your product stays fresh and you are not putting an old product on your skin. 

These tips are useful for my liquid concealer also, and I hope you find my tips useful.

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