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My passion for beauty products is back and stronger than ever. I have been taking more time doing my morning make-up, I have started switching up my lipsticks and getting back into it. So I decided to do a beauty themed lust list. It  worked out pretty well as all of the products collected have a combo of pink or black – my bathroom is looking pretty beautiful right now.

1. I’m a Tangle Teezer fan from way back. They are the only thing I will use on my extensions and this Limited Edition Baublelicious one is a stunner.

2. My hands are getting pretty dry at the moment and so I have started to pop Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream in my handbag. It is super luxurious and does what it intends too.

3. I’m addicted to scrubs. My latest find is a local The Maxi Scrub. This scrub is handmade from Dunedin, I have only used it once and so far so good. It features Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil which are all amazing oils when it comes to improving skin appearance, cellulite and oh so much more.


4. Since getting my ghd curve I have been obsessed. The ghd Style Curl Hold Spray however takes it to the next level. Not only does it protect my locks but it also helps the curl look good and last longer. Win win.

5.  I am in love with this Essential Brush Set from Eleanor Dorn Makeup. Auckland Based Make-up artist Eleanor Dorn has hit the nail on the head with these make-up brushes. From the get go you can feel the quality and softness. This Essential set is going to be perfect especially with the Makeup brush Cylinder for all the travel I have planned.

6. This Destination Marrakesh Shell Case from MOR is amazing. It is part of the Destination Luxe Collection and I am in love. The shape of this bag is pretty clever as it opens wide so it is easy to find what I am looking for.  I also love the soft faux ostrich leather making it super durable to.

Oh yeah… it’s been a great beauty month.

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl



Hannah Rogers

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