Lust List – Festival Vibes and Essentials

It is well in truly festival season. If you live in Auckland, coming up is Auckland City Limits and next month I am off to Coachella! With Festival life in mind, I have gotten out my inner spirit and have written a lust list to get me in the mood.

  1. This Cactus Ring – OMG and it’s fine so suuuuppppeeer stackable.
  2. The Saben Bag – The ‘Tilly’s Big Sis’ is the best festival going bag. It is slim so that it won’t get in the way, but it also has lots of card slots and a two zip closures for those special – I cannot loose items.
  3. You kinda, most defiantly need your phone. Now days you can use it to pay for your food, your cab ride home and most importantly record those memories if you’re so inclined. It is however, highy likely that it will run out of battery. This charger is pocket sized and is the perfect backup plan.
    Image via / Instagram user kyliepictures

    Image via / Instagram user kyliepictures

  4.  Hair Tattoos – Have you seen these? Kylie Jenner came out wearing them, and they are as cool AF.
  5. Okay so I have had my eye on a GoPro Camera for  a wee while now for many reasons. I am not sure if you can sneak them in to Auckland City Limits or Coachella but one important part of any festival is the getting ready with mates process. This is something I want to GoPro.Anything I’ve missed? 

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