New Zealand Fashion Week Fave – Federation with Gentle Savages

Established in 2000 Federation is one of NZ’s most iconic street-wear brands and at New Zealand Fashion Week for 2017 it so far is a clear winner for me. 

Despite the fact it is “Just street-wear” I felt it was more than that. Federation featured design work that could rival some of New Zealand’s most famous designers.

Garments where tailored nicely, with well thought out designs, shapes and cuts and the styling was on point. 

Check out the best looks from Federation fashion show during the New Zealand fashion week 2017.

For Federation it was the different layers and lengths was what stood out for me. 

Federation’s show Gentle Savages at New Zealand Fashion Week 2017 left me wanting more. Post show I even head on to that night to check out more. 

Massive thank you to Annupam Photography for the images! 

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