Nick Von K – Step Up To Shine

It’s a rare thing to get to look the artist in the eyes and tonight I got to do just that. I went and visited Nick Von K at his K’Road Studio and got an insight into the jewelry designer himself while checking out his newest range Step Up To Shine.

Step Up To Shine is all about dreaming big and finding your place in the sun and in my opinion is one of his most wearable collections. I love them all but this collection is one that is timeless, simple and to the point.

Step Up To Shine - Nick Von K - Butterfly

Step Up To Shine - Nick Von K - Rutile_Hands_large

Step Up To Shine - Nick Von K -Long_Studs_2_large

Step Up To Shine - Nick Von K - Shining_Heart_Topaz_large

Step Up To Shine - Nick Von K - Chevron_necklace_large

I’m going to start by saying that the Pearl Crystal Ball Pendant was a clear fave of mine. The chain was well balanced and it wasn’t too heavy.

The whole collection, however,  was just sexy, rugged, and gender fluid, make sure you check it out.

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl



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