The News We’ve Been Waiting For – NIKEiD hits NZ

I saw that NikeiD was hitting Australia and I squealed with excitement, then I saw it!

NikeiD was coming to New Zealand! AND you can now shop online with Nike!

Dreams came true that day!

Nike unveils the launch of in New Zealand, which includes access to NIKEiD – a unique customization service to personalize footwear which is SO RAD. Basically NIKEiD now gives athletes, like you and me! the power to express their individuality by personalizing their favourite Nike footwear purchased on

I will never forget when my old boyfriend Oliver lived in Germany – I designed my very own Dunks (With my Intials!) and was almost too excited when they arrived. It’s exciting to think that finally us kiwis can have some fun!

So I had a play on the website and desgined some ones to pop on my wishlist.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 7.26.26 pm

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 7.26.40 pm

My birthday is coming up so I might add this to the list! Note the TMG’s on the back <3

Go and check it out but please tag me in your designs!

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl



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