Unlimited with Nike Trainer Phoebe Di Tommaso

With the NTC #UnlimitedVal session taking place on Saturday I wanted to ask Nike Trainer Phoebe Di Tommaso a few questions. Phoebe Di Tommaso is an ex-championship figure skater and now all-round amazing Nike trainer and comes all the way from Melbourne and it’s pretty special we get to have her here. I really wanted to find out more about the inspiring trainer.

How do our Kiwi NTC members compare to those in Australia?

Ohhh that’s a tough one to compare! Can I sit on the fence? I do love the kiwi crew that comes to NTC though, such an awesome, tight-knit community in AKL… And some seriously fit and fierce members in the team!

You’ve been coming over to NZ to help us Kiwi girls support Val and use her as inspiration. What athletes inspire you personally? 

I’ve got a long list! But to name a few; Serena Williams total domination of women’s tennis, as well as a HUGE appreciation for Roger Federer. Kyah Simon (an Aussie footballer) is a total legend and absolute champion, as well as some of the powerhouses of Track & Field like Alyson Felix & Shelley Ann Fraser Pryce. But aside from elite athletes in the world, the athletes of NTC I get to train every week are pretty inspirational to me!

You’ve been ice skating since you were five, where does that passion drive from? What motivates you? 

I don’t know whether it’s competing in a sport from such a young age, or having quite athletic parents and having sport as such a big of my life for so long, but I really think it’s a mixture of all my experiences in life. I love moving, and achieving – which is a big motivator for me when I’m training (in the gym, or running) But a lot of my motivation comes from the people I get to train on a weekly basis, NTC and elsewhere!

When you are not working out what do you like to do?

Explore Melbourne’s cafes for brunch and great coffee.. (Auckland runs a pretty good brunch show too though!)

Why Nike? (Silly question!)

Aside from the obvious! Nike is such an authentic and inspiring brand… The fact that I get to be a part of such an amazing culture and team is such a dream for me, and also super motivating.

What is your favourite exercise? Heading into summer, what is your number one tip for The Modern Girl? 

I think I would have to say Burpees (yes I’m totally serious!) Because it’s such an ‘everything’ exercise. Number one tip is to find some sort of training you LOVE and can have some fun with. Once you love what you’re doing, the motivation comes easily. So get out there, move, and enjoy every second of it.

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<3 These answers very much!

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