NZ NIKE + Studio Launch

I was pretty excited when I heard Nike was opening its first woman’s studio.  The focus of this studio is to become an all-encompassing fitness destination focused on setting and achieving goals at no cost. This one-of-a-kind studio can be found in Auckland City’s University Recreation Centre and is pretty impressive.

I headed along and had an amazing workout with motivating and likewise woman all with different fitness goals in mind. 


Nike NTC-197

I couldn’t be more excited for us to finally have an official home for NTC Auckland. We’ve been building up this community for about three years and now we have a space where we can offer more sessions for a wider variety of training. It’s a really empowering time for women’s training and the studio will amplify this,” says Kirsty Godso, Global Nike Master Trainer. 

Nike NTC-342

Nike NTC-303

The studio will offer three to six Nike+ Training Club classes a week led by top trainers one of which is master trainer Nike Godso.  Other cool things to note about the studio is that free WiFi is provided throughout the space to allow members to share and celebrate achievements via the Nike+ App and social media! AMAZE. 

Jump onto Nike to get yourself booked into some classes with Kirsty and the team.  

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