Rapid Reset Series | R28 – Week One.

If you read my posts  over the last few weeks then you will all know that I have recently embarked on a lifestyle programme with the help of Jay and Cam at Rapid Fitness. 

After completing the Kickstart program with success, I am now onto the second Rapid Fitness programme the R28.

On Monday, my alarm was set at 4.30am and up I got to head to the gym. I was starting to get into the swing of things and was feeling good. I had bacon and eggs for breakfast a simple salad for lunch and then that night I was out for dinner. I met my friends at the Food Truck Garage. I was nervous with all the temptation, but I was fine. I settled for the Chickette Burger, and when it arrived I removed the bun. It was as simple as that.

Tuesday I was onto it heading to the gym with Mille and Sera Lilly. I managed to get a free park by work and walked in (1.6km in total). I also packed my own low fat Greek yoghurt and mixed berries to have once I arrived at work. Not only am being more healthy and active but I am saving money by getting to work early and getting a free park and not popping down to the dairy for my diet coke and chocolate combo.

Luckily there was no gym on Wednesday morning as I had an event that night and was struggling to sustain my gym makeup for the entire day and I like to attend events looking my best. I behaved at the event and avoided all cake pops and sushi despite not having dinner yet. I was pretty tired so didn’t stay around to mingle.

Thursday again I had a dinner planned, I again choose the Food Truck Garage as I knew what I could eat and that it worked on the plan. I also suggested we went for a walk around the city after dinner. I was craving a workout. I headed home at 9 and packed in a hurry as Friday was a big day.

Jay took our Friday gym session and boy he was tough, and we forgot to stretch! That night I had a dinner planned at Depot and then I was off to the Comedy Festival. At Depot, I treated myself having a little bead, cheese and pastry, but I didn’t over do it. I also didn’t have any alcohol.

Saturday was an awesome workout with Cam I could feel that I was feeling fitter and stronger, and the workout was enjoyable. I came home and had bacon and eggs for breakfast but again this week I crashed. I’m not sure if it’s because I was tired, stressed or just worn out, but I fell asleep around three, and when I woke up at 6.30pm it was dark. I got up and cooked dinner and then went back to bed sleeping right through to 9am Sunday morning.

Sunday was my intermittent fasting day this worked out well for me as I had a lunch with friends booked in at 12. I enjoyed my lunch and then settled into a very productive afternoon.

Next week will be tough with the start of boot camp and the attendance of four events. The pressure will be on however each week it is getting easier.

This journey is not going to be easy so I will need your help! Follow the Rapid Fitness Facebook page here and ask questions! Encourage me – I will need it. Also look out for videos, Instagram pictures, Twitter conversations and weekly updates here.

Also in case you’re wondering the lovely profile banner was taken by photographer Haley Guildford 



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  • May 20, 2013


    Congrats on setting your goals and going after them. It seems like you are doing amazing and really pushing yourself. Keep up the great work 🙂

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