Say Hello to Longer Legs with Invisible Heels

With Spring here and dresses are being worn it is the perfect time to say hello to longer legs and who doesn’t love longer, sexier legs, while being comfy in sneakers! Longer legs are now made easy thank you to Invisible Heels

Invisible Heels slide into most pairs of boots or sneakers to give you added height. They’re made of memory foam cushioning and covered by a layer of soft, breathable fabric. It’s built with a sturdy contoured base, providing support, but making you feel like the boss babe you are.

They have also been seen on and in The Oprah Magazine, Huffington Post, People Magazine and The Daily Mail just to name a few places. I guess now they can add The Modern Girl to that list. 

Invisible Heels are available in two heights:

  • The 2cm (3/4”) Invisible Heels – The Newbie RRP $34.95  is specifically designed to fit most shoes, including low-top sneakers and summer shoes.
  • The 3.8cm (1.5”) Invisible  Heels – The Classic RRP $34.95  is designed to fit most above -the ankle shoes, including leather boots and high-top sneakers.

Even the newbie makes a difference. 

I am wearing mine now and I have gotten used to them, the only annoying thing is swapping them between shoes so I might just have to purchase more. I am a classic girl but I do think the Newbie look more subtle which is something I am keen to try in my everyday kicks. Feeling taller makes me feel more powerful and I am down with that. 

Have you tried them? And are you a Newbie or a Classic? 

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Hannah Rogers

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