Sweeten up with Sugar Rush

Karen Murrell’s new lipstick colour Sugar Rush reminds me of candy. Glorious sweet candy and it is the perfect new lipstick to get your hands on in the lead up to spring.

Sugar Rush is a bright candy pink. Think Limecrime’s Geradium or M.A.C’s St Germain to name a few. It is PINK. Inspired by the days of the disco where big hair, psychedelic colours and hair where the feature.

I have been rocking it with a strong brow, fake-it-to-you-make it lashes and polished skin. It is innocent, sweet and a little bit naughty – kinda like your favourite candy.


Karen Murell Lipsticks are one of my favourites, especially when under the elements. They contain Avocardo oil to protect and hydrate, Evening Primrose oil to soothe and moisturise. You will also find a touch of cinnamon on the lips, this to to plump them up and make them look just a little fuller. They are also cruetly free being made with no animal-based materials and of course no animal testing.

I rave about these liptsticks. The colours last but the moisturising properties are outstanding. It is like a lipbalm and a lipstick combined. If you see me out and about ask me and you will always find that I have a Karen Murrell Lipstick in my bag.

Sugar Rush is my latest so watch out!

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl



Hannah Rogers

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