#T365 Hairspiration – The Hunger Games

Hairspiration, or hair inspiration can be found in many places. It could be on the runway or in magazines but for me, I find it in movies. The latest movie I have found hairspiration is in The Hunger Games, The Mockingjay Part 1.  I’ve seen the movie twice now and the second time all I could think about was those hair looks.

1. The Katniss Braid – We all know that braid Katniss wears into the arena and this look is hot right now. I wore it to the film and I was not the only one.

2. Effie Tricket where do I began! In the latest movie she is now in District 13 and without the luxuries of The Capitol.  She’s being creative and is rocking the Turban. I gave it ago previously and it is a pretty easy.


3. Ok, so I’m not suggesting you shave part of your hair off but with a few slight adjustments this look can be pulled off. If you want to look like Cressida,  Part your hair into a side part, with the smaller part plait it up along the part line with a backwards french braid so that the plait stands out.


4. Not having a good day? Be like Haymitch and don a bennie. Haymith’s hair is disheveled, not well-maintained and looks like it has not been  shampooed recently. A look we all want to avoid but for those days where every-thing’s a mess or we are sick the bennie might just save the day.

5. Those loose, waves. Stunning. Jennifer Lawerene looks so well done with minimal effort.  TRESemmé has a great how-to if you want to brush up on your soft-curl skills.  You can find it here.


So, who is your current hair style crush from The Hunger Games? Who has the best hair? Let me know in the comments section below!


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Images via Lionsgate



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