Take Your Girl To Batman V Superman

Finding that movie to head to with your girl (or boy…or girl and boy…or doll or whatever floats your boat really) can be tricky at times.
Can you handle settling in for a rom-com? Could she handle the amount of blood spilled in a good action film? Would you both be able to stay awake long enough to understand what happened in that dramatic movie?

The variables can be so large in value that it’s probably why the term “Netflix & Chill” came about. That is until the singles stole it away from couples and turned it into the sexually-driven neologism it is now.

So I thought I’d come along in this seasonal change (Autumn) and help you all out with your next movie recommendation.

And that movie is Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Now excuse the long title (it’s obvious a male got a hold of it), but I think this film has 5 good reasons for why you and your girl will enjoy it together:

Ben Affleck

Oh Ben Affleck.

He just seems like such a guy right? Sure he’s had his indiscretions, but that guy was the bomb in Phantoms (THIS JOKE WILL GO WITH ME UNTIL THE GRAVE…).

With an extensive career in film, including my favourite of his Good Will Hunting, he kind of just captures you and keeps you locked in. While for men it may be that flair of bravado he has, or the fact that he seems to be a damn slick player, he’s just as appealing to the female demographic with his charming smile, height and body.

They say nostalgia can taste pretty damn sweet, so Affleck just sweetens the fact you should watch this movie.

Henry Cavill

Just gonna straight-up point out that you’re here for Cavill as the eye candy.

Yes, he plays Superman well and that’s because the character is pretty vanilla in a way. But Cavill with that chest and those eyes and that English accent imitating an American accent, you are here to stare.

Hopefully the two outcomes after you view him on-screen are:

  • a good fantasy for one of you (Or both…”Oh my…“)
  • an intense new workout regime at the gym

Gal Gadot

After a remarkable spin as the character Gisele in the Fast And Furious franchise, Gal Gadot has become a fan favourite for many.

Sure for men it’s the obvious, but for women she was presented as a strong kick-ass lady who didn’t need a man to save the day for her. And now the fact she gets to play an even MORE powerful version of that character?

Yes…just oh my god, yes.

Amy Adams

Irresistibly cute, Amy Adams makes you want to watch the screen.

Maybe she’s got that ‘girl-next-door’ kind of personality? Or maybe it’s that she seems to be ‘more’ than she is. But with a fantastic body of work (NO NOT THAT) and her skill for acting, she’s a pleasure to watch on-screen and I’m sure you’ll be walking home hand-in-hand after due to how insanely adorable she is with Cavill.

Jeremy Irons

BE PREPARED! (Sick Lion King reference)

Jeremy Irons is old school cool. With The Lion King and Die Hard under his belt, this dude can be menacing and suave at the same time which is kind of terrifyingly attractive (don’t date people like that though).  Rounding out a cast of damn good looking people, Irons brings that style the others can only hope to emulate in their older age.

So there you go!

5 good reasons on why you and your other should head along to see Batman V Superman.

It’s basically for a load of eye candy.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.




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