Tanzee – If You Love Fake Tanning Then This Product is for You

I love that fresh fake tan feel. Feeling bronze, ready for summer and usually like I have lost around 2kgs. Oh the power of the tan.  What I don’t like, marking my sheets. Even my 3-hour wash off tans still manage to tarnish my crisp white sheets.

Then I found Tanzee

Tanzee, is a cross between Tan and Oneisee, it is is a sleeping-bag style slip to sleep in after you fake tan. It slips in between your sheets and the Tanzee slip prevents your tan from rubbing off on your doona and bed sheets. It has a place for your pillow and an extendable flap to cover your doona in case your hands wander during the night.

Manufactured from fine quality, breathable microfibre fabric, Tanzee is lightweight and soft as silk. They are also very easy to wash, and won’t cause any streaked tans. Your tan is safe.

For added convenience, each slip comes with an attached pouch that allows the Tanzee to fold back into itself for easy storage. I really like this as it is a total space saver and handy if you plan on having a tan away from home. 

Tanzee was designed to for the person and, not the bed and comes in three sizes, Small, medium, and Large. The Large and double fits two people and comes with two pillow case inserts, however, I like this one for just me! 

The Tanzee’s are available at www.tanzee.com.au  and I have an awesome discount code which can be used once per customer but entitles you to 15% off your purchase until November the 12th. 

I actually emailed them and asked for it for you guys as international shipping etc and I really love this product, I had one a few years back and have just purchased a second set today! If that is not a good review then I don’t know what is! 

The code is: TheModernGirlxTanzee 

Let me know how you get on, 

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