Top Five: Body Shimmers and Glitters.

There is just something about shimmer and glitter which makes me smile, whether it’s the youthfulness it brings or glow it gives me I just love it. Mostly I just use it on my legs for a night out on the town but it has so many uses!

Here are my top five body shimmers and glitters.

1. Montagne Jeunesse Party Shimmer Sparking Leg and Body Moisturiser.

This product is great for traveling or at festivals and events. It comes in a single use packs which means you are not lugging a massive bottle away on holiday with you. The product isn’t just about the shimmer either! It is rich in Vitamins A & E to keep those legs soft and smooth. I also found it fast absorbing and easy to apply. Each pack has a generous amount so I transferred it into a small pottle. Montagne Jeunesse products can be found at Farmers Department Stores, The Warehouse, and select Postie Plus and Pharmacies nationwide with a recommended retail price form NZD $3.99.

2. Origins Ginger Glimmer Whipped Body Cream – Limited Edition.

About six years ago I purchased the Origins Ginger Glimmer Whipped Body Cream and loved it. It has since been discontinued and replaced with the Ginger Souffle. The Ginger Glimmer Whipped Body Cream was the Ginger Souffle with shimmery fine gold glitter mixed in giving your skin that healthy sheen. I paid NZD$65.00 for the tub and I loved it. Although messy to apply, I loved the scent and texture.

3. Linden Leaves New Zealand Gold Shimmer Dust.

I love how easy this product is and how versatile it can be. With a swipe of a brush you can create a subtle, shimmery glow on your legs, shoulders and décolletage. It retails for NZD $30.50 and is a steal. Linden Leaves also has several products in the Gold range which can be mixed and matched to create a more intense shimmer.

4. Lush Glitterbug Glitter Bar

Lush Glitterbug massage bar has a soft rose and vanilla scent with moisturising cocoa butter and shea butter to keep skin smooth. It also features shiny sparkles and fairy dust to add that shimmer. I keep my glitter bar in a snap lock bag and pull it out before use. Rubbing up and down the legs warms the bar and releases just the right amount of shimmer. Unfortunately it is only a limited edition product, however if you pop into Lush they have plenty of alternatives, such as Shimmy Shimmy which will do the trick.

5. Fudge Shimmer Blast

Fudge have an extensive glitter and shimmer range and I love the Fudge Shimmer Blast in Gold and Silver for its subtleness and everyday wear (if you wanted). It is a finishing spray which adds a slight shimmer and shine as well as boasts a medium hold. This spray shampoos and brushes out easily. This product costs around $15 and can be found at Shampoo and Things or hair salons.




Hannah Rogers

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  • February 1, 2013


    I love all things sparkly so this post is fabulous! Do you know what range they usually release that Lush glittery massage bar with??


    • Hannah
      April 6, 2013


      Hi Sophie, Im sorry Im not 100% sure. I got mine has a gift a while ago and am still in love.