Trilogy’s Everything Balm – Review

Trilogy’s Everything Balm fixes nearly everything and is an essential multi-tasking lip, hand and body balm.

I love beauty products and all things beauty. With products launched on a regular basis, this is a never-ending circle of choosing favorites. It is not always the new and latest products that come out which are the best. One of my top products the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream has been around for over 80 years and to me is a must have. I have three tubes, in my handbag, my bedside table, and my car. I love this product and its various uses.

The trilogy has a product comparable to the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream with their Everything Balm. The Trilogy Everything Balm is a product designed to be used as an all-rounder, on cuts, chapped lips, burns you name it.

Trilogy is the development of two sisters who wanted to create natural products for women such as themselves with three essential goals; simplicity, to be pure and vitality. The Trilogy Everything Balm encompasses this as it is a simple and covers so many products in one without losing its efficiency as a product. It contains beautiful oils such as Marula Oil and Rosehip Oil both certified organic as well as Jojoba Oil found in most cuticle oils and Honey and Vitamin E.

I have been trialing the Trilogy Everything Balm on everything including on my lips, a shaving cut, my cuticles and even a graze on my dog. The product has been a complete all-rounder, and the smell is amazing. My lips have become addictive to it, wanting more and more and I find I am obsessively applying it to my nail bed also.

Being a balm in a tub makes it easy to apply however hygiene is a concern and when I used it on anyone else other than me (my dog for example) I squabbled it out so as not to contaminate.

The pricing for The Trilogy Everything Balm is very reasonable. The 45 ml tub is only $27.99 NZD, and the 90 ml is $39.99. I would say over the last few weeks I have used less than 5 ml, so I am very impressed with the value for your dollar.

I would purchase this product again especially for in use at the office. It was mess free and easy to apply. I didn’t need to worry about spilling anything on any paperwork.

Trilogy’s Everything Balm cut my office beauty products in half and if someone else were to take fancy to it and it disappeared I wouldn’t be overly concerned because the price is so reasonable. I appreciated it being easy to use and on my lips and cuticle’s as in the office they can be quite dry and it relieved the dryness.

The Trilogy Everything Balm is an excellent all round product.

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