UNLIMITED POTENTIAL – My Journey, The Halfway Mark

I am two weeks into my Unlimited Potential Journey with Nike and the #NTC and the road has been rocky. Regardless I have been giving my best because I am always up for a challenge.

You can read all about my challenge here and why I am unleashing my Unlimited Potential with the help of Nike.

The first week went well. Nailing all the workouts on my NTC Plan and that Saturday workout boy oh boy! Nike brought over Phoebe from Melbourne (Pictured) and she took myself and 100 of us through a tough workout. So tough I went back home and hoped into bed. Turns out I was actually sick.

Sunday I had a day off but got a full body massage at East Day Spa, I mean I need to bring my best self if I am to leash my unlimited protential, I’m sure Val Adams gets massages on the regular.

Monday morning I did my usual PT session and struggled. Shortly after I went home sick because as it turned out I was very sick and had to be popped on antibiotics. This upset me as I was on a roll. I took the rest of the week slowly doing a controlled lower body workout on Wednesday and a walk on the Friday.

My focus was clear…make the NTC session on Saturday and #feelbetterforit.

This weekend’s session – was AWESOME. It was circuit based and very explosive much like Valerie Adams trains and how she throws that shotput.

I’m at the halfway point and I am happy. I feel in control of my body and how it responded well to the workouts despite being under the weather.

I really encourage you to join me next Saturday (I have it locked into my diary already)

Come and join me! Make a goal and let’s do this! 

To get on your way to becoming a fitter, stronger you download the Nike Training Club app from the app store. To unleash your Unlimited Potential, create your 4-week training plan and register here for NTC Live classes – http://swoo.sh/1IPteW3

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