Unlimited Potential – Prep For The Big Day

This is the week Val will be throwing for gold and myself along with other Nike athletes will complete your four- week journey to achieve their goal and find your own unlimited spirit.

You can read all about my challenge here and why I am unleashing my Unlimited Potential with the help of Nike. I have had my goal of doing 25 Full body push-ups! On my toes and with the weeks counting down I am getting closer and closer to that goal.


This weekend our journey completes with a special one off Nike+ Training Club workout at Millennium Gym (Val’s home training ground) for everyone who has been on the journey. It is after this event or even this Friday I plan on reaching this goal however it doesn’t all stop here, there is no finish line.

The training won’t stop. These four weeks have been a good measure for me. Using the NTC app I have able to measure my progress and remember what is important to me. My goals.

It’s not been an easy four weeks. I have been sick, on antibiotics even however it doesn’t mean I can’t use the app for stretching or light exercise which is good for the mind. When you spend a day in bed, stretching out feels pretty good!

Come and join me! 

Register here for NTC Live classes – http://swoo.sh/1IPteW3

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl



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