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Two years ago I visited and met Ashleigh Scott. I had a bespoke facial and reviewed the process. Since then I have watched her grow – a new website, a new premises and now her very own skincare range. I am pretty proud so went I recently visited Ashleigh I made a note to ask her a few questions.

I have enjoyed many facials at Ashleigh Scott and they are the best I have ever had. What do you think sets you apart from the rest?

Our approach is truly unique. We don’t use any machines, all our facials are very much about personal touch. We also incorporate a really unique ‘lifting massage’ into our treatments which is unlike any other! The holistic approach we take, is also very different to many others in the industry, you see we don’t just look at your skin, but what is happening in your body to effect your skin.

What inspired you to come home to NZ and start Ashleigh Scott Facialist? What motivates you here?

While I was living in London, I saw a completely different side to the beauty and skincare industry. It was something that NZ was yet to pick up on, and it really excited me! I learnt so much in my time over there, and really I couldn’t wait to move home, do my own thing and put everything I learned into practice.

Do you have advice for woman wanting to start their own business?

It’s not always easy, but if you are really passionate about what you do, then it will be the best move you make!


You have your own skincare range Tribeca, What inspired the Tribeca range?

Tribeca was a huge passion project. I used to always blend oils for my facials and for clients, so one day I just decided to turn it into something!

What helped you take the plunge to undertake and invest into your own skincare range?

I saw a big gap in the market for a luxury but effective range of oils. I absolutely love facial oils, and cleansing balms in particular but could never find ones that did what I wanted them to do on the skin and also have the beautiful look and feel of luxury cosmetics. I knew we had the market for it, so it was just a lot of research and development to get them just right! And we continually tweak them!

What is your best skin care tip?

Don’t cleanse your skin in the morning. If you do a decent enough cleanse the night before, there’s no need to cleanse again in the morning. Cleansing is a necessary evil – necessary of clear, healthy skin, but over do it and your skin can be left dehydrated and compromised. In fact, just avoid all foaming cleansers as well!
What is next for Ashleigh Scott? Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Oh there’s so many exciting things in the pipeline right now!!! Watch this space! 😉

Thank you Ashleigh.



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