2016 – The Healthy More Balanced Me

With the year winding down and my boxing training now over I have noticed I have been living quite the unbalanced lifestyle. Take today for example – no breakfast, sushi for lunch and ice cream for dinner. With 2016 goals floating in my mind, one that stands out to me is to be more healthy and balanced.

This goal is not about losing weight; I am pretty happy, what I am concerned about is a healthy way of living. A balanced diet, feeling fit and feeling good.

I recently was given a WW Cookbook, and it was evident that the new Smart Points Plan fit my goals. Food, Fit, and Feel are the three key pillars of the new Program and SmartPoints, which are WW’s unit of measurement for food and drink, are all about finding that balance.

The Food pillar is all about real foods, healthy eating, and goodness, very much like my current nutrition plan that saw me through 2015. Pumpkin and chicken were key, with a punnet of strawberries getting the tick. WW’s SmartPoints Plan focuses on nutritious foods that are lower in sugar and saturated fat but higher in protein.

The Fit pillar is about getting active. For me, a major change in 2015 was walking to work. This isn’t so easy with my new job, so I am going to find new ways to keep active like taking the stairs at work. It’s all about that balance.

The final pillar, Feel, is all about investing in you and finding that ‘me’ time. It also focuses on those little things like getting to bed on time, managing stress, writing goals etc., which are all things I want to find more time for in my 2016 balanced life.

On further reading about the Program, I discovered more tools to help me stay on track and of course measure those goals. I really want to live a balanced lifestyle but I need some accountability. With the  Program you can log details and keep them tracked using your iPad or smartphone, as well as online. I always have my iPhone attached to my hand so this should be easy. The app also includes a recipe builder feature and more – great for when you are at the supermarket or leading a busy lifestyle.

The key feature, however, that got me the most excited is that each member can work with a real life Coach. No robot, no fancy computer program, but someone real who can empathise, relate and keep me on track; someone who isn’t my friend but knows my goals and can keep me in check. An online Coach sounds great to me, however, if you think you need it, you can go for a 1 on 1 approach with a phone call, face-to-face with someone in your area or join other WW members at Group Coaching sessions. I like that online Coaches are on hand seven days a week, so if you’re stuck at a party and in panic mode someone is there.

Of course other tools include a monthly magazine, Program guides, blogs and a community of like-minded individuals like you and me. Your WW account, accessible either online or through the app, also connects to Fitbit technology, so another win there.

I think this is a smart approach for me. Weight Watchers gives you access to more than 3000 recipes and countless work outs. My goal is to try one new recipe and one new workout from the Program a week. If I mix it in with my other goals, I feel like this is going to be the perfect way to get that balanced lifestyle and keep myself in check.

What are your 2016 goals?

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl



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