2018 - I Am Coming For You! My Goals and Hopes for the New Year


I am not the biggest fan of the New Year. I feel like coming into 2018 I heard a lot of people talk about how crap 2017 was and I hear this time and time again. For me, the new year symbolizes growth and just a change in dates.  What I do believe in, however, is goals. Short term, long term, even daily goals. Not to do lists, but goals. Writing this blog today was a goal. The long-term ones, of course, are the hardest but most rewarding. I am not going to share with you all my goals, but here are some things I would like to achieve this year. 

LEARN is a key word for me this 2018. I want to learn more. 

The goal: Is to Eat better. Learning is so important to me, but more recently I learned that I was not even really aware of what I was putting into my body. We were born in this world, on earth with natural products that this earth has provided us. Our bodies are designed to enjoy these wholefoods yet here I am eating foods full of chemicals and preservatives. Understanding what I am putting in my mouth and how it can help my body has made me so aware of what health means. 

I don't feel healthy right now. I was sick a lot in 2017, and also was my fitness. I just want to look and feel better. 

I would like to Cook more - Okay, so I live alone, it's just me and cooking is a chore, but I want to cook better so I can cook my own foods and move away from processed foods. To know what I am feeding my body. I want to cook at least 4 or 5 meals a week, so that is the goal. This will mean learning new recipes, and new techniques.


The goal is to walk into 2019 with decent savings.  One year into home ownership and I am yet to sort my finances. I am not bad, I blogged about it and What Owning a Home Taught Me in 2017.  I can save but not a lot, not as much as I used to. 2018 I want to be even better at this, better at spending, better at saving. My Smart Home accessories help keep the bills low but what else can I learn and change to be even better! I am forever learning in this space, and I love it.  

I would like to Travel to a new Foreign country  I turn 30, so I am keen to travel for this milestone birthday. Stay tuned for that. Travel in August is a nice goal. 

I would like to try and create some video Content. I have always stayed away from the Video camera and video content, but I do have two items of content I would love to try and create. 

These are just some of my goals, but my keyword for 2018 is to learn. My gym goals still stand, and I a will still be hustling in my fitness goals, but those are just my lifestyle now! 

Happy New Year and I cannot wait to see what 2018 brings for you. 

The Modern Girl