Baby G | 20th Anniversary


Baby G is celebrating it's 20th Anniversary this year and to celebrate they had a sweet Arm Party so I could grab a sneak peek of new season. I took with me Haley Guildford, whose birthday it also was, and she took some sweet snaps.

After checking out the range we had a play and created our own ARM PARTY naturally I picked out a black beauty with a touch of neon pink to have a play with, oh and made a yoghurt to match!

These watches are designed to fit the feminine wrist, which made them uber comfy to wear. Im lucky if I can wear a watch all day but this guy I didn't want to take off. I loved to how fashionable the ranges are, the touches of colour and the styling gave it plenty of street-wear appeal with all the extras. The world clock is helpful if your like me and have a bestie overseas and the timer has been great to help keep my bedtime routine under 10 minutes. I am in love.


It was an awesome event and pretty cool to see everyone having fun and creating awesome combinations around the watches.

I had such a great time. A big thanks to Haley too for capturing it all too (making this blog a billion times better!)




PS. Make sure you check out Haley's work >>