Bad Breath and a Healthy Lifestyle- Bubble Fabulous - A Beauty Review


When it comes to lifestyle changes and following nutrition plans with that can come bad breath. Sounds counterintuitive I know but it is believed that those on a lower carb diet can have increased bad breath down to certain chemicals that are released as the body burns fat.Targeting bad breath problems can be difficult and that is where Bubble Fabulous comes in.

Bubble Fabulous is a product which has recently jumped out at me It is a product we all like to use daily but reinvented, a product to combat bad breath but most importantly make people feel confident about their oral hygiene, something that I was lacking.

What is Bubble Fabulous?

Bubble Fabulous Mouth Spa is a simple system, thoughtfully developed by an oral health therapist from New Zealand. Laura who lives in NZ was working as a dental hygienist and wanted to develop a product that could restore and maintain a fresh mouth. Called bubble fabulous as when you hold it on your tongue it bubbles, much like pop rocks leaving you with fabulously fresh breath that lasts the day.

The thing about bad breath is often you don’t know you have it. I’m sure we’ve all been at the gym first thing in the morning and been next to someone with it but that person probably didn’t even know! I have learnt recently that most breath odour is caused by bacteria in the mouth, particularly the tongue. In fact, you can brush your teeth regularly but still have bad breath even straight afterwards because the bacteria that cause it are not on teeth. - This terrified me!

Bubble Fabulous Mouth Spa targets this area and deep cleans with its unique two-step action. The result, an actual improvement in oral hygiene, rather than just a strong flavour that temporarily masks odours, so it's not hard to see why I am now in love.

Why I'm in love...

I took a punt on Bubble Fabulous as for me personally I find mouthwash far too intense and mints and gym not ideal, in fact, people chewing gum is a pet hate of mine - I HATE IT! Bubble Fabulous means no alcoholic burning or stinging and no tooth staining either, a total win!

Something I have really noticed as a point of difference with Bubble Fabulous is that with the two-step system it also cleans the tongue, which for me means removing the toxins that provide bad breath. If you are like me and are trying to stick to a healthy diet and feel good then removing these toxins is pretty important.

I brushed my teeth first and then went to use Bubble Fabulous and even after cleaning my teeth to see what came off my tongue was just eww!

I’ll be honest, on day one when I first tried Bubble Fabulous I wasn’t too sure. I felt clean but not clean clean if that makes sense. I was used to the harshness of mouthwash, that burn symbolised clean to me as it cleaned the germs, but was it effective at oder? Not so much. As the day went on I felt a difference, it was longer lasting.  Yes, I did spend my first day checking my breath every hour but I’m pretty impressed. I also didn't have to pop any mints to which my stomach was thanking me for!

Normally on the weekends I also head to the bathroom and quickly swig back some mouthwash and sneak back into bed. My boyfriend will always notice and it will make him uncomfortable but he didn't even say a word with Bubble Fabulous and I had confidence, I knew and because I didn't have the burning sensation I actually wanted to use this product and repeated the full steps later in the morning after cleaning my teeth. That for me is a huge win.

Overall Bubble Fabulous has changed my routine up a lot. I've found a product I actually want to use and have been using. Mouthwash was a hit and miss with me and I normally force myself before PT sessions or social events (and there are so many this time of year) but learning that it doesn't prevent bad breath has been a game changer and then feeling the difference with Bubble Fabulous has been a game changer.

I am really impressed with this product and I can see me purchasing it for years to come. It’s not even been a week and I’ve told so many people.

The Modern Girl