Finding Balance and Going Back To Basics (Sort Of) - My Facial Journey


At 29, I have discovered that health comes well before looking good, besides if I have my health sorted then feeling good, and looking good become a welcome side effect. My intentions are to care for my skin, to look after it, and balance it. It took once facial with Kate at The Facialist for me to realise I needed to invest time into my skin. Not because my skin is particularly bad, or because I'm lazy but purely because of her passion around a skincare range, Dermaviduals. Kate spoke so strongly on this range and her knowledge was out of this word! Let’s not forget that the facial was so damn good too. So what is Dermaviduals?

Dermaviduals is a customised skincare range developed by leading German scientist Dr Hans Lautenschlaeger. The product formulations are based on the principles of corneotherapy and target maintenance of the natural skin barrier and the prevention of premature ageing in particular. Kate described it to me as a product which is really designed to make the base perfect. Rather than mask the skin at this works to treat the skin at the core. Most of the products are protected by a patent as well. They are that good. Furthermore, Dermaviduals is free of fragrances, preservatives, emulsifiers, colours, mineral oils, silicones and is cruelty-free. You will even notice that the packing is fuss-free. The focus is purely on the products and the actions they take. They speak for themselves so much so that no fancy packaging is needed. I mean it's not Instagram worthy looking but it works and that is the most important thing right! 

So what next? Well, I left my Dermaviduals facial at The Facialist (My review here as I love this place!) and I came home and grabbed a rubbish bin. My skincare was all mixed. All assorted brands I had been sent over the years and some of it was super old….I had Shiseido from 2016, I loved it but it was open and old. I wanted to start fresh and really give Dermaviduals a run for its money. Kate had convinced me.

So what products did Kate prescribe me? Well, we started slow, eased into it with Dermaviduals Cleansing Milk with DMS, a gentle milk cleanser, suitable for dry, sensitive and normal skin. We followed this with Dermaviduals PlutioDerm Plus, a hydrating and balancing moisturiser, suitable for blemished, oily and problematic skin. These two were it for now and honestly, it was all I needed to start seeing changes. I had my Facial in March and since then have only had one breakout, much fewer then I would normally have for my time of the month. Overall the experience reminded me that skincare doesn’t have to be completed, or look good with some crazy packaging. It really just needs to work. 

Now that my base is sorted, it's time to slowly introduce some new items! Stay Tuned for more! 

The Modern Girl

Main Image - The Facialist