Grabaseat Thailand Tiki Tour with ZM


It's not every holiday in which you are greeted to live music, bikini girls and expected to follow a 'beach' themed dress code, but when I flew to Phuket, Thailand with 300 others on a Grabaseat and ZM charter flight. I was wondering what I had got myself into.

The excitement was everywhere, and everyone was getting involved. The flight was unlike any other with the Air New Zealand crew getting into fancy dress, a live band floated around, games were played, and alcohol was in demand, in fact, it may have run out. I had made many friends of all ages by the time we landed in Phuket, a new nickname also included.

The team at Grabseat selected the five-star Westin as our accommodation and party venue for the holiday and expectations were certainly met. I was greeted to a stunning room with my own infinity pool, and I was in heaven. The hotel was just big enough that if you wanted you could avoid the party's, but I don't know why you would! Day two found me enjoying breakfast at the hotel I ran into my new friends and plans were quickly put into place.

Amazing view from my hotel room.

Flying on the Thailand Tiki Tour was ZM dj's Jay, Flynny and Jacqui along with an array of guests such as Kimberly Crossman, DJ's Tim Phin, General Lee, and Peter Urlich and a few of the Warriors. These guests the glue of the trip. I joined Kimberly on a day of shopping and my first venture out to Phuket town. Of course the highlight of the day was the first of three parties, and his party certainly went off. Poolside we all sat in our bikinis and watched the sunset on our first full day on holiday.  It was an opportunity to catch up with all my new friends and ultimately get the gossip.

Bucket List Tick

That next morning I was booked in to ride an elephant, a bucket list experience I will never forget. Basking in the sun I had planned to quietly spend my afternoon poolside. I was however pulled into a vortex with a very popular 'drinking' group who were enjoying a session poolside (from 9.32am to be precise). The tunes were cranking and the vodka (sodas) flowing and as the afternoon developed so did the crowd. I was pretty impressed as very quickly from this small group a pool party developed. The group themselves were impressive with their bar tab totalling in over $30,000 Thai Bart. This was just the beginning.

On Friday many of us had booked an island tour. It was excellent to be alongside familiar faces, on the water all day and those on the Grabaseat tour naturally grouped near the front of the boat. This lead to more chances to get to know each other and none of us were shy.  The islands were stunning. I felt as though I was in the middle of someone's computer wallpaper and traveling alone, I was pleased to be in the company of my Grabaseat friends. Tim Phin joined us on board and encouraged me to jump of the boat which I did (I have a holiday no regrets policy), and a new friend Sam also looked after me when I started to feel sea sick.  In all it was a pretty wicked day with my new friends.

That night was the big one, the beach party. With a fluro theme and a sweet set up we partied the night away on the warm beach. I collected glow sticks as I chatted to various groups and got involved on nature's dance floor. Our Air New Zealand crew joined us to which was pretty awesome. I didn't want the night to end, so I ended up inviting some new friends to my room to enjoy my pool. We chatted, ordered room service and the rest is history it was a great night.

The thing about partying however is eventually it starts to take its toll and Saturday morning I was feeling a little worse for wear thank's to my lack of sleep. I pushed through and headed with Kimberly and the Auckland Daze Crew to ride elephants again. The experience was so good the first time I just had to do it again. It was then straight back to the pool for a final pool party. A little more subdued this time, but the perfect wind down as for our final night on the island a large group of us ventured out onto the town and went to FantaSea, Thailand's equal invent of Disneyland. This of course undoubtedly was followed by a trip into Patong for night markets and the famous Ping Pong shows. I was speaking to a group of guys, 'The Hangover Crew' who managed to go through a whopping 3,000 shots with the ring of a bell. Thailand can get crazy quick if you allow it and judging by the stories shared there was no holding back for some.


Sadly Sunday had arrived before we knew it. I did the rounds at the breakfast table and sat at the pool before heading to the airport were I shared some preflight drinks with a few guys (yes 'The Hangover Crew' were still drinking) the flight home was highly subdued, a smartly organised night-time flight so everyone finally caught up on their sleep and the poor crew could relax a little.

I can honestly say that was the best six days of my life, I have made new friends and strengthened existing relationships. I come home with a tan, a fake Jimmy Choo, multiple Facebook friend requests and I'm even looking after one mans straw hat until we meet again. I have already declared I'm coming next year, and I cannot wait.

Keep any eye out for it next year and if you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary I would highly recommended it. I talked to people and groups of all sorts, there were young families with toddlers, solo flyers just looking for a good time, and I even chatted to a 77 year old man who with his wife have attended all of the previous Grabaseat Trips. It seems once you attend one you are easily hooked.

My trip was amazing, and I would love to thank the Grabaseat Team in particular Dave and Duane  who joined us poolside, ZM for letting their Dj's loose, Flynny you are crazy! See you guys next year!

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl



Header Image from ZM Online.