Girls Grand Night In with SKYCITY + Win


The last few months for me have been crazy, with everything from work to events to boys - my mind has been all over the place! I decided that I needed some downtime, and what better than a staycation with my bestie at SKYCITY Grand Hotel? There were no distractions, chick flicks, bubbles, great food, and best friendship - it truly was the ultimate girls night in! If you’ve been having a hectic few months, or you just want to spend some quality time with your bff - you need to do this! Thanks to SKYCITY I'm giving you the opportunity to have the ultimate girls night in so keep reading and find out how you can have some quality time with your bff!  hannah-6875 hannah-6802

I invited my girl Stephanie, also a beauty blogger by the name Beauty Lust, to join me for a night in. I promised a night away from our phones (well, almost... there was free wifi, what can I say?), DVDs ready, robes on and a whole lot of girl chat! Naturally, there was not a better place than the SKYCITY Grand which always delivers.

Staying in at the SKYCITY Grand allowed us to find neutral ground, to be in the moment, away from chores and flatmates - it was a place to truly relax. We started by cracking into some bubbles and jumping into some gossip; it wasn’t long before robes were on and DVDs were out!



I booked us into the newly refurbished, very spacious and airy Premium Luxury King Suite because we deserve it! We had an extensive menu for ordering in. Pizza from Gusto at the Grand, of course, was my pick! If you did want to leave the comfort of the room, Gusto also do Aperitivo Hour down at the bar which is conveniently in the lobby of the hotel! If you buy a drink between 5 and 7pm you get a complimentary bite to eat. Perfect if you want to go out but still be within 20 metres of the lift to your room!



What’s a night in without a good selection of chick flicks? Poor Steph, though, I made her watch Magic Mike, but it’s the perfect girls’ night in film, right!? The room has both a DVD player and SKY Movies - so we were spoilt for choice.


It was an amazing weekend in, and the perfect remedy if you’re ever just needing some girl time or want to get away without venturing too far out of the city. The SKYCITY Grand is where it is at and perfect for any occasion. Have you been?

WIN - I have a night at the grand for you and a bestie up for grabs. This means bubbles, DVDs, room service - everything I had! To be into win just let me know in the comments section below  what makes the SKYCITY Grand Hotel perfect for your girls night in. 

NZ only, entries close 30th November 2016. 

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