I Watch All of Netflix's Christmas Movies, So You Don't Have To

I love Christmas, and every year I spend the month watching as many Christmas themed movies as possible. I am watching one right now, my Fresh Pine candle lit, my TV a Christmas delight. Netflix of course provides so many quality Christmas movies I had to watch them all.

Below is a list of all the Christmas Netflix films I have watched, as well as my mini review. I hope you enjoy.

48 Christmas Wishes - If you are stuck babysitting pop this one on, but don’t waste any of your precious time on this one. I did love how everything is red and Christmassy…right down to them all wearing a hint of red in their clothing.

A Christmas Prince - This movie came out last year, and well I loved it. It is so bad it is good (you will hear me say this a lot) but it did give me all the feels. So well, watch this one.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding - This baby comes out in December, so no, I haven’t watched it yet, but If you loved A Christmas Prince, then just watch it.

A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale - My ears hurt. My eyes hurt. Freeze frame at any point and boom, a cheesy stock photo. I do however love she has a Christmas ringtone. I did that once. Cute dogs do make up for it all.

A Holiday Engagement - To avoid the pain of being asked why she doesn’t have a boyfriend over the holidays, a woman hires a pretend boyfriend - Based on the title we all know where this is headed.

Angel of Christmas - I kinda liked this, a tad slow but cute, don’t rush to watch this one, but maybe as a back-up.

Bad Santa - YES WATCH THIS. This is an actual Christmas movie.

Bad Santa 2 - Meh.

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure - Christmas movies have really gone to the dogs! I am a bit biased on this one, I’m sentimental and used to watch all the Beethoven movies when I was a kid. In saying that, I was still disappointed in this movie, they made my fave dog a “Celebrity dog”. Oh and skip those opening credits / story - it is a total put off. Brody, my dog however did seem to watch it and enjoy it.

The Christmas Chronicles - A bit childish, Maybe one for the wider Family.

Christmas Crush - If you are alone on a Thursday night, then yes give it ago. No one will judge you for this one if they don’t know about it.

Christmas with the Kranks - I watch this every year. I love it. Classic Hannah Christmas movie.

Christmas Inheritance - I kinda liked this. It’s so bad, but I liked the story line, just a little.

Christmas Wedding Planner - This movie was the worst. Don’t fight me on this, and do not even bother watching it.

DreamWorks Shrek the Halls - I didn’t watch it and I never will.

Holiday Baggage - Old school. Same old story, fall in love, drift apart, fall in love again. Oh the spirit of Christmas it does some amazing things.

The Holiday Calendar - This movie inspired this blog post weirdly. But I really loved it.

Merry Kissmass - Nope.

The Princess Switch - So bad it is good but I love it. Falling in love in two short days, so romantic.

The Spirit of Christmas - I love a cute cheesy love story, but this was a supernatural, made for TV Movie mess.

One Upon A Holiday - The soundtrack was great background music. Not a bad movie. BUT What is with all of these princesses looking for a ‘normal’ life?

Okay, let me know if i have missed something, likely - 100% sure I watched it, might just not have added to my list!

Merry Christmas,

Hannah xx

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