10 Things I Did in 2016 I am Proud Of


As it is the 31st December and I am reflecting on 2016, I realize a lot has happened. It is so easy to dwell on the bad things, or those resolutions you didn't quite make however I urge you to look at the goodness so here are a few things that made me smile this morning. 

  1. I creatively spread my wings - In September I hired Annupam, and since then it's been a dream. Not only am I more confident behind the camera my self-love is through the roof.  
  2. I BROUGHT A HOME! I still can't believe it...then the mortgage kicks in! lol. But no I'm so proud of me, I always thought it would be something I would do hanging off a man's arm, but I did it all me, the independent woman I am. 
  3. So this relates to a bigger goal, but I grew my booty - I learned so much this year about the body and the sport of bodybuilding. Bring on 2017 I have some epic goals in this area. 
  4.  I modeled at Fashion Week. Yep! In a bikini and it was scary, I had a stomach and cellulite but you know what, I don't care. My booty looked amazing. 
  5. Dumb Debt is gone. On Christmas Eve I paid off all my credit cards, and I will never own one ever again. EVER. 

  6. I learnt to fall in love again. 
  7.  I modelled in another country! For Cotton On Body and wait to you see the photos! 

  8. I saw the Grand Canyon and went to Coachella. Two massive bucket list goals ticked off the list! 
  9.  I made the Modern Girl a company. It has the LTD and all. 
  10. I learnt more than I thought I would on so many levels. 

I could go on forever, I could talk about the bad things but right here, right now I am grateful, #blessed even. Cannot thank the small group of people I trust with my heart. My

Cannot thank the small group of people I trust with my heart. My Taash's my Kate's, my Dani's, My Emma's, my Fiona's. My parents, who I think finally get my need to travel and then everyone else who stepped into my life even if it was just to promote road rage. 

Thank You! Thanks for reading and supporting TMG, means the world. 

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Photography of course by Annupam