Rise Hot Yoga and Pilates - My Review


Rise Hot Yoga and Pilates is newly opened in Auckland's Parnell. Close to the city yet tucked away I felt very Zen from the moment I walked in.   Personally, my Yoga experience is limited. I have done the occasional class at at events and I did used to do Brikim Yoga with Friends weekly but for some reason, I wouldn't stick to it. I have a massive fancy Lululemon Yoga matt and bag, but still I struggle. My excuses were - making time, not feeling like it was a real workout, and sometimes I find yoga to be on the hippie side of things. I love weights and that is a priority but I feel like yoga and pilates could help my strength and give me some time out.

With all this being said I tried Rise Hot Yoga and Pilates

Rise Hot Yoga and Pilates is different than the rest for me. They provide the yoga mats and sweat towels as well as coconut and tap water. All I need to do is bring myself and an open mind.  If needed they have chilled water for purchase in studio and shower towels are available for rent. This modern studio makes life so much easier. 

They have a no phone policy though which I love and I broke. (But for the gram though) 

One drawcard for me at Rise Hot Yoga and Pilates is the smartphone app. It allows for easy booking which I love and it encourages me to book in last minute. Stressed at work, not feeling like hitting the gym I would open the app and look at what times and classes were available to me. 

The room temperature is just right, not too hot like Brikim and not cold, I felt like the heat was just enough to allow my muscles to be warm and stretch as I ask them to hold positions. Hot Yoga at RISE is practised between 27 - 30 degrees within a Vinyasa Framework. Just perfect. 

The class its self-was awesome. It was modern and I felt strong, with class instructor Hannah (great name) popping over and quietly showing me some technique tricks. 

I have booked to go back and will do so as I can. Adding it into my Friday workout schedule.

Rise Hot Yoga and Pilates is a time for me to stop, relax and unwind whilst working my body. 

The Modern Girl