Salon Love - Loft Beauty Boutique


Finding a salon for your beauty treatments can be tough and scary. Believe me, I know but when you find a goodie you want to rush and tell your friends. In my case, I want to tell you guys. So I'm taking one for the team, trying new salons and sharing my favs. The first one, of course, has to be Loft Beauty Boutique. Loft Beauty Boutique, based in Auckland's Mt Eden is a favorite of mine. I have been seeing Lisa on a regular basis since Loft opened about a year ago and although I love trying new places I always have a soft spot for Loft.

At Loft I have tried everything from the Aspect peels to the brow trios and the tans and every time I leave with a smile on my face I think part of thicomeses down to the owner and her passion for beauty. Loft is owned and ran by Lisa and as a result Loft is a beautiful kept salon and everything is done with care.  Lisa is lovely and it is very clear she loves what she does.

I have tried most of the Loft menu but for me the stand out is the facials.  The Aspect peels are the best. It is one of those treats in which you reap the rewards in the weeks following. I have had three Aspect peels in the last year and I love how beautiful my skin feels in the days following and don't get me started about how amazing my makeup looks! The process is gentle with a consultation to start and an appropriate peel type is then selected for the individual.

My usual visit for Lisa however is for my brows, a brow tint and shape with a lash tint. Over the last year I have seen my brows thicken and redefine and my tint is lasting the distance.

Other salon win wins for me includes easy parking and effortless booking.  Loft ticks all these boxes. I can even book online which saves heaps of hassle.

Loft is my favourite place for my beauty needs and if you do go and see Lisa or you have let me know! (We can chat over how awesome she is!)

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl