Five Ways I Saved Time This Week


Phew, with Chrismas well on the way, the hustle has been real. I have been closely looking at the ways I have been doing things and have come up with five simple tips to help you save time. You can't change the number of hours in a day however you can be more efficient.

  1. Meal prep  This is easy, on Sunday and Wednesday nights I have been prepping my meals. This means that cooking is done in bulk and time is saved on Monday night when I just get home and heat and eat! The other bonus to meal prepping is that I am organised and have healthy foods on hand so not only am i spending less time in the kitchen I am also eating better.
  2. Countdown Click & Collect This has been my most favourite discovery. Countdown’s Click & Collect can save you time and help you get home faster. Simply order your groceries online before 1pm and pick up from one of the below transport centres later that day on your way home. This is my new routine for a Wednesday night and I am loving it. Plus it's only $5 - you can find out more info here.hannah-hp-5407
  3. Electronic / Digital lists Thanks to Countdown Click & Collect I have also discovered that you can pre-save shopping lists meaning that it really is Click and Collect! As a bonus, I can also see what I am spending and don't have to be tempted by chocolate! It also means planning. So I have lists around lunches- one week it's wraps and the next it's salads and I am organised and good to go! No waking up and being like "Oh Crap, what shall I have" I just grab and go.
  4. The Two Minute Rule If you can do something (like replying to an email or put away your Countdown order!)  in 2 minutes, do it now. Planning it for later, remembering it, doing it in the future will take 5 minutes or more. It's that simple.
  5. Put Your Phone Away Even if it's for 30 minutes - Don’t be always available.  Keep your phone on silent, and return calls in batches, or do what I do and answer Instagram questions on the bike, at the gym or in an Uber on route to an event. I have my phone away right now while I bust out this blog post and honestly it works.

What do you do to save time? Tips welcome!

I know I've mentioned it twice already but I really do suggest you try Countdown’s Click & Collect or even delivery. I have managed to get my flatmates involved and I have ordered it home on occasion too - a bonus time saver as a flatmate popped it away for me!

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl