Shopping for a cause with BNZ Android Pay


When BNZ asked me to explore some new technology of theirs while shopping for a good cause I was intrigued. I said yes of course. Any Modern Girl likes to keep up to date with all things tech and BNZ’s Android Payback initiative to purchase gifts for the Salvation Army this Christmas is AWESOME.  Android Pay has this month launched in New Zealand – just in time for Christmas. BNZ has launched the contactless payment solution with Google, offering BNZ Flexi Debit Visa cardholders the first chance to use Android Pay in New Zealand for their everyday banking. Pretty cool! 

To celebrate the launch BNZ armed me with an Android and some money and off I went on my merry way to The Warehouse to part take in some shopping for the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal! No wallet was needed just the Android! 

I headed to the kiwi favorite The Warehouse and grabbed a few goodies, a soccer ball, a soft toy, a trike, and more. A nice mix of items I thought kiwi kids would love. 

At the check out all I did was whip out my phone (who am I kidding it was already in my hand) and tapped it on the EFTPOS machine. THAT SIMPLE! and I was off! At home, I wrapped all the gifts. I really wanted to wrap them as that is part of it and a lot more fun so I picked up some tags and wrote the gift details on it!  

Furthermore, BNZ invited me into the Queen Street branch to place the gifts under the tree and celebrate Android Pay. 

I wanted to be involved with this project for a number of reasons. Firstly it is for a great cause and secondly I am all about mixing it up, trying new things and technological advances. 

Massive thanks to BNZ for letting me loose with a BNZ Flexi Debit Visa card and the first chance to use Android Pay in New Zealand. 

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