Social Media, You and Your Fave Influencers and How You Should Always "Do You"


Cheesy post ahead but FUCK IT. I wanted to clear my head today about something which I found hard once upon a time, but am now I only feel like this sometimes. Firstly, Here it is, a reminder that you are beautiful no matter what. Some days you wake up feeling good. Others yuck. We are all human! I believe 100% we cannot be fully “On” at all times. I know I can’t. Some days I want to eat all the chocolate and other days I wonder why Beckie with the blonde hair is skinny yet seems to eat pizza every day.   Although it can be hard, as sometimes you look up to these men and woman, I know I do, I have plenty of social media idols, but please never compare yourself to others, especially via social media. I did say it was hard. I find it hard, i'm only human. Remember some content will not be real or you only see snippets of the good parts and there goes the saying - "Don't compare your real life to someone else's controlled online content” Don't let social media content tell you how to feel, as hard as that can be.

People post for a number of reasons, it could be that they care, they want to give you something, sometimes they just want likes, or engagement, and that's all part of it. Sometimes people just post, sometimes others spend hours curating posts.

And further to this respect each other's opinions for we are all different but it doesn't mean we don't support each other, am I right?

I would also like to add, don't pay the victim. Don't make my opinion, or anyone else's you disagree with and make it about you. That’s not fair either and it brings unwanted hate. Someone once told me that your reaction to someone's action or statement isn't about them it's about you because only you can choose how to react and feel.

At the end of the day, you are you and that's the best thing you can be.

Own it.   Your goals and passions are your own and no one can compare to you. You are beautiful and strong and there's a purpose for your life. So celebrate progress, celebrate others and be insanely thankful every single day.

Don't let anyone dull that sparkle

The Modern Girl

Photo by Ian Schneider