I had lunch with Kim Cattrall and Ended Up Getting an Eye Test


When Specsavers invited me to lunch at the Hilton with Sex and The City's Kim Cattrall to celebrate Spectacle Wearer of the Year I couldn't say no. What I didn't expect was me two days later, getting an eye test.  Kim had lunch with about 50 or so key influencers and media outlets to spread the word about the Spectacle Wearer of the Year contest Specsavers runs. Media were also invited to check out the latest range Specsavers had to offer and in return for our time we were given vouchers for a pair of glasses of our choosing. 

I didn't think much about it, we get freebies all the time, but I'm pretty grateful. Whilst I'm at St Luke's I popped into Specsavers and they suggested I take an eye test! A what I said, my eyes are great. 

What I learnt was pretty important. Much like a warrant of fitness for a car, they are not trying to suggest glasses although that might be an outcome it's also a chance for them to check out my eye health and see how I'm tracking. 


I decided to take one for the team and get my eyes tested - that way I could report back to you all and let you know THAT YOU SHOULD GET AN EYE TEST. 

I was kinda scared. What if I needed glasses? What if driving was an issue? Turns out my eye sight was pretty good and I didn't need glasses, yet but my eye health was also good. 

The test itself wasn't scary. I giggled all though it but I also got some pretty rad images of my eye balls which are freaky cool. 

So here's the thing. If you're at the mall and you've got time hop into Specsavers get a check up. I feel better for it and I'm pretty excited to pick up some glasses I picked out (with just glass) so I can channel my inner Kim Cattrall and perhaps enter this Spectacle Wearer of the Year  contest. 


Entries to the 2016 Specsavers’ Spectacle Wearer of the Year are now open with entrants needing to simply upload a spec selfie to: loveglasses.specsavers.co.nz for a chance to win.

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl

Photos by Jono Parker.