My Trip to Ultra Music Festival + What I am Packing


Starting the year of strong I am off to Sydney for a week to go to the Ultra Music Festival. After going to Coachella twice I like to think I know a thing or two about traveling to festivals and what to pack.

Being prepared is the best way to make sure you have everything, to be relaxed and if you have some goals, being prepared will help you stick to them. For me 2019 is all about being healthy, but also saving money! This girl wants to go to Tomorrowland music festival in 2020 and Europe = money!

Here is what I am packing to help me slay those goals!

Protein Bars - I am taking Nature Valley Protein Bars with me for Ultra. Not just for me, but i'm being smart enough to take two boxes, 8 bars, because let's face it, AJ will be jealous. One box Peanut & Chocolate and the other Salted Caramel Nut.

Festivals are awesome places but on whole the food can be below average and expensive. Now if I am going to spend money on hot chips, well I want the worlds best hot chips, so naturally I like to avoid festival food. These bars by Nature Valley contain 20% of your daily protein needs and are my go to. Packing a Nature Valley Protein bar not only saves me from average hot chips but I am getting a protein dose with some nature carbs and fats from peanuts and almonds helping fuel my day without compromising.

A Side Bag - Okay this is key, but hey, you’ve gotta have something to stash those bars in! So something small, but not to small and because I’m overseas and limited I am packing two styles which will see me day to night. So I have my crossbody go to, and option number two is a bum bag/ chest bag so I have options but can also be “hands free”


Sunscreen - Yes I know, everyone says pack sunscreen but, everyone always forgets! You can’t see it in my suitcase but sunscreen it’s there! I also try and pick up a sample size or a mini from Mecca so that I have a mini to go. Honestly, you only have one skin so let’s look after it! The same goes for those lips! A Chapstick or such with SPF is a must.

Cash - Notice at gigs that cash bars tend to be faster? I’m not saying take hundreds in cash but do take a small amount so buying water becomes a breeze. you don’t want to spend all that money to just stand in line right? Another reason why I suggest the snacks! Having cash also means you can stick to budget and follow those saving goals!


Here you have it! Little things I am doing to make the most of my travels!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Hannah Xx