5 Surprising Side Effects One Week After Removing My IUD


It's only been one week but my IUD has been removed and the side effects have already kicked in. It's been a slow week but I cannot tell you how excited I am about my future, of course, I had the usual withdrawal side effects, spotting, skin breaking out, odd moods but I have also had some surprising things happen this week and I wanted to share them.  My last post about Ditching my IUD did so well I've promised to keep you in the loop with how the rest of my journey goes. Again here is my disclaimer -  I’m not a doctor and I can’t tell you what is best for your body and lifestyle!

The following post is my personal experience that should be taken as information, and not personal medical advice.  It’s also worth noting that I am I’m not anti-birth control. It’s a good tool for avoiding pregnancy and I have friends who love their IUD and suffer little side effects.  This 

This is my body and my hormones are unique to me and well I personally hated it. This is my choice, my journey to be no longer using Hormonal birth control and using the FEM Method with the Daysy.  Please do your research and be sure to meet with a doctor or healthcare provider you trust before making any changes to your medications.

Finally, I cant say these are side effects or part of the detox from Hormonal birth control but these are some of the experiences and feelings I have felt. 

Here is how my week went. 

  1. Itchiness - I basically had hives, it was SO WEIRD. I texted my PT, I texted my nutritionist, I considered going to the doctor (but didn't want more drugs) I was THAT ITCHY! Finally on Wednesday when I saw Katie (learn about my PT here) that she had a lightbulb moment. I had too much histamine. Histamine has lots of other jobs, not just allergies, It regulates stomach acid, stimulates the brain, and plays a key role in ovulation and female reproduction. Your body is pretty good at making it and clearing it, however, there are times in which you can have too many histamines - in my case creating hives. After reading this blog by Lara Briden, I believe perhaps I had too much estrogen in my body because estrogen stimulates histamine - a great sign my hormones are outta wack! One anti-histamine and I was fine!

  2. My appetite has changed. So right now it's 5:13pm. I had some gluten-free toast at 10ish and well haven't eaten since. THIS IS SO WEIRD FOR ME. I am somewhat hoping this sticks around. I think it will make following my plan easier, and cut those cravings. I don't know if it's linked to me removing my IUD or if I'm just having a low week but it was pretty noticeable. That and I instantly felt lighter, as if my Mirena weighed 5kgs and now boom, it's gone.

  3. I have a crazy dry scalp - For the first time in my life my scalp was itchy, and even after I sorted my hives I was still dealing with a scratchy scalp. The result? Head and shoulders Shampoo and conditioner had to be purchased. After trying so many treatments and products good old Head and Shoulders seems to be doing the trick. I am touching wood on this one because there is nothing I hate more then people touching their scalp, namely scratching at a restaurant or at work. It bugs me out.

  4. Intimacy was weird, I didn't want to be touched and I was nervous. This surprised me but I'm sure it will pass.

  5. Tried I am so tired. Wednesday, Thursday Friday and Saturday night I slept for 10 hours plus. In fact, I fell asleep on Friday night on the couch (and now I have a sore neck) and Saturday I had to nap! This is really unlike me and I can't explain it but I guess I just wasn't feeling 100% Feeling low and lazy all in one. Fatigue is common with a hormone in balance and this is something that has been an issue for a while for me, one of the driving factors for removing my IUD and wanting to follow the FEM method. Gosh I hope this gets better!

So there they are, my weird unexpected feels post my IUD Removal.  I expected bad skin, I expected to spot, I expected me to be shy and I expected some sort of detox, after 13 years on hormonal birth control, I know I wasn't going to get off easy!


Tomorrow I will officially start temping with my Daysy and I'm looking forward to sharing that journey with you. To find out what the Daysy is I suggest my first blog post in this series Ditching my IUD for the Daysy Fertility Tracker - It is my most read blog post of all time, and it includes a Daysy discount code!

Thanks for all the support and all the babes who offered coffee dates! So amazing, 

Hannah XX

Main Photo by Imani Clovis on Unsplash Second Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash