The Half Way Mark - Here Are The Things You Should Consider Doing Now Before the Lead In To The Year End


It’s just over halfway through the year and with the downhill to the silly season in particular for me Christmas and the wind down to work.  I am taking action and getting things done! But I am also checking in on all that Life Admin, getting it done now so I can sail into the holidays. Christmas bookings - Okay I feel so silly, but I have in all my Christmas bookings sorted already - well almost all. Your fave salon is likely to book out and some will start adding deposits to bookings. So get in now and get it all sorted. In New Zealand, most places close for two weeks or so, I'm off to Bali for New Years and I want to go looking my best. I’ve got my lash lift and brows sorted so far. My two most important bookings.

Not only does it make me happy, but it makes my fave Salon owner happy to so it's a win all round! 

Revisit your bills, subscriptions and banking. This job sucks but it’s important Life Admin and it should be done. I take one task a week and knock them out. One by One. 

Last week I cancelled my digital subscriptions to Neon and Lightbox as I wasn’t using them enough,  I have renegotiated my phone and broadband contracts, reviewed my Xero spending and am looking at my KiwiSaver and those all-important fees. I also checked my Credit Score

Just checking in on these things can often help me put aside more money in the lead up to Christmas.

Start that Spring Clean..eariler. Again another money earner but also a chance to break and declutter and clear out. I find in winter I tend to have more things then I need, I look at my wardrobe, see what I actually wore last summer and am wearing this winter and I make cuts.

I don't just cull my wardrobe but I also check phone apps and do a cull here, it's surprising how many are just sitting there and unused. Plus it clears way for new apps which might actually help you hustle!

Revisiting my year-long goals - Sometimes this isn’t always a fun job, but equally important as the rest. As the year has gone on maybe you have forgotten your goals, maybe they have changed or evolved. Sit down, take the time and re-address those goals.

Don’t be too hard on yourself but get it done. You never know you might just get your motivation back....if you lost it. Eat the frog guys, Eat the frog! 

De-Clutter of Makeup Draws - We all know that makeup and beauty products have a timeline but do we actually follow this? Usually not. Every now and then I spend an afternoon or an hour being cutthroat in the bathroom.

Start with items that have passed their expiry date, and then move along to ones you never use but “might one day”. Finally if your so much inclined remove those products which are not cruelty-free. For me, I feel like it’s a weight lifted off my shoulders. I also normally use this as a chance to wipe down all the draws and do a general clean.

What have I missed? Any mid-year jobs you make happen before it gets crazy?

Hannah xx

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash