5 Things Not To Give Up On This Winter

Last night I was enjoying the latest ice-cream from Kapiti, a limited edition, Black Doris Plum & Créme Fraîche on the couch while I was rugged up watching Keeping Up with The Kardashians (don't judge me). Kim was getting another beauty treatment and it got me thinking…Just because it's winter why do we give up on the things we love. Why do we let the tans disappear, we pull the hair back, forget those pedicures and don't even mention the lack of shaving.

Here are 5 things I think we should not give up on this winter:

Tanning Thursdays - We all know that fresh feeling of a tan. For me having a tan brings a  glow and a confidence, I look and feel healthier yet this is the number one thing I do not maintain over the winter months. Why not? If having a tan gives us these great feelings then why do we stop just because we are covered up some more? Don't give up your tan this winter, not only will you feel better for it but you will also be keeping those moisture levels up and this is a win-win for silky soft legs come summer.


Speaking of Tanning, and well, getting that sun kissed glow please don't forget your Sunscreen this winter.  It may be overcast or cold but those UV rays, they are pretty powerful and we all know the long term damage they can have on your skin. Don't forget your SPF babes!

Pedicures - There is nothing quite like having a pedicure, but over winter we don't seem to bother because let's face it tights and socks will be covering our freshly painted toes. Here is the thing though - Pedicures should not stop over winter as not only is it a relaxing ritual, but it is great for blood circulation in the legs and is a good way to remove dry skin and prevent cracked heels.Team this up with a super winter colour such as plum or deep chocolate brown and you are good to go. There is nothing like showing your feet the love!

Shaving - Long dresses and jeans means legs are not on show so why do we need to shave those legs? Well here is an idea! Winter is the best time to deal with those hairy underarms or legs or wherever you hate to shave by seeking IPL treatments. IPL can permanently reduce hair growth but they also which require you to stay out of direct sun 24 hours after treatments making it a perfect winter time activity. Kim Kardashian is a fan and come Summer you will thank me.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 6.39.17 pm

Finally, the thing that got me thinking along with the Kardashians is Ice Cream - It's amazing, It makes you feel good inside and is the perfect refreshing sweet treat. A treat which certainly should not be given up over winter. I've been picking up the Kapiti Limited Edition Black Doris Plum & Crème Fraîche on my supermarket shopping run as it is my new fav and is the perfect treat for when I am wrapped up warm on the sofa watching Game of Thrones on a Monday night. It is my new favourite place.

So tell me! What are you not going to give up this winter and be into win a $200 prezzy card to spend on a beauty treatment of your choice, cause that’s what a modern girl would do right?

Plus I also have some ice cream to giveaway to TWO lucky Modern Girls! So get commenting. Entries close 11/06/15.

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl
This post was brought to you by Kapiti‘s limited edition Black Doris Plum & Créme Fraîche Ice Cream.  Please support the brands that support this blog <3